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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Enlibra in the West

Supporters of "free market environmentalism" might want to take note of the resolutions unanimously adopted by the Western Governor's Association. One of the resolutions is summarized by the press release from the conference as supporting -- Conservation easements and other voluntary, incentive-based methods for preserving open space and maintaining land and water for agricultural and timber production, wildlife and other values. Sponsors: Govs. Bill Owens (Colo.), Napolitano, Richardson, Jon Huntsman (Utah) and Christine Gregoire (Wash.)
Check out the full text of the resolution titled Principles for Environmental Management in the West.
The resolution includes this passage The Western Governors renew their commitment to the Enlibra principles to guide natural resource and environmental policy development and decision-making in the West. Enlibra is a newly created word meaning balance and stewardship.. Enlibra sounds more like an on-line bookseller to me, but I like the meaning taken here.


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