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Monday, June 13, 2005

Other Land Trust Voices

It's been fun to watch the hits on the site in recent days, as lots of people who are interested in the Senate hearings have checked in, directed by the nice folks at sites that are used to having actual readers, like Grist Mill, The Commons and The Uneasy Chair. Another fun aspect is that people who are doing similar things have reached out. For instance, did you know there is an online radio station dedicated to all things environmental? It's called Radio Ecoshock. It's run out of Canada by Alex Smith, who was nice enough to include a synopsis of my Grist Mill essay. (One small quibble Alex, it's Nature Noted, not Nature's Notepad.... although that's probably a better name). Radio Ecoshock has podcasts and a looping netcast that includes music and environmental news.
Also Oliver Bass with the Natural Lands Trust in Pennsylvania wrote to let me know his organization has started three regular blogs to update news from three of their protected areas. The blogs cover the Crow's Nest Preserve, Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Southern New Jersey preserves. It's a great idea that every trust should consider.


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