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Monday, December 27, 2004

Logging by Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is going to be in the logging business in the mountains of Virginia. Under a deal with a landowner in Tazewell County, the Conservancy will preserve more than 11,000 acres across three counties. The deal, detailed in calls for the conservancy to pay the landowner for the conservation easement, then supervise a sustainable logging plan designed to protect the watershed while providing income. The owner gets a percentage of the proceeds, with the rest going to pay for salaries and cost. I haven't seen many other land trusts this involved in logging, is this an unusual deal?
The Shirley Heinze Land Trust in Indiana is fighting to keep its tax exempt status, and to keep from paying four years of back taxes. A story link in the Gary Post Tribune has expired, but here's a synopsis in The Indiana Law Blog. The problem seems to be that the trust didn't develop a plan for developing the scattered properties as required by state law. The law has been changed, but these properties don't fall under it. It's a warning for land trusts to know the tax laws affecting them. Here's the plea from the trust in a letter to the editor for keeping the exemption.
Finally, it's FUN WITH GEOGRAPHY time. Try this cool game. (Thanks to Dead Armadillos). I ended up off by 3 miles.... not too bad.


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