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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Conservancies the World Round

As I read more about land trusts and conservancies, I realize this truly is a worldwide phenomenon. Check out this article from There the issue for one conservancy is the number of cattle that can be carried on the land at once. And check out the spelling for the conservancy.... adding letters all the time.

Speaking of learning all the time, I enjoyed the Q&A feature in Grist Magazine with Kevin Doyle. Kevin is with which is an organization that helps place professionals in environmental fields. Marvelous website, chockful of great links. I'm going to add a permalink for them.

Finally, I've added a few links for environmental blogs. The latest is The Commons which takes a free market approach to saving the environment. Can anyone suggest other good environmental blogs, particularly those which look at trusts and conservancies? All suggestions are welcome.


Blogger back40 said...

Conservation News was the best for land trust issues. Jon Christensen is an industry insider. However, he has taken a break to focus on school. He still does a column for Conservation in Practice and an occasional NYT article. The archives are still there too and Jon may resume blogging in future.

P.S. Crumb Trail is not generally linked by blogs like yours or mentioned in polite company. The blogger, back40, is a lunatic who is critical of the environmental movement.

12:22 AM  

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