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I never would have predicted this one

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Gone to Texas

No more blogging for a few days, we're off to Texas to see the in-laws at the ranch. Thanks to "Back 40" for the suggestions on other links. Back 40 is mysterious mind behind Crumb Trail. He also warned me in the comment below that I might not want to be seen linking to his page. I think that was done with half a smile. Don't worry, I'm happy to link to anyone with an interesting opinion. I'm doing this to learn about land trusts, environment and the world of environmental politics, and to teach myself a little webpage knowledge. I know that blogging tends to be like high school, you hang out with "your kind". But all views are welcomed here. You can't learn if you're not challenged by new information and opinions. It's up to each of us to come to our own conclusions.


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