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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Crown of the Continent

Nothing like a winter storm in the south to remind you that nature is still the mightiest force on the planet. Memphis is at a standstill as ice and sleet and various forms of frozen precipitation conspire to make walking outside a workshop on shoe traction. The best thing to do at a time like this is break out a little red wine and blog.
Of all the items in the "in" box, this one caught my eye. The Nature Conservancy of Canada and Canadian timber company Tembec have reached a deal to protect 100,000 acres in British Columbia. The deal is a combination of purchasing land along the Elk River and buying conservation easements to prevent future development. It doesn't prevent Tembec from harvesting timber in the area, but the company pledges to do so in an environmentally friendly manner. The deal is being called one of the largest of its kind in North America, and preserves a key piece of the area called The Crown of the Continent. It's an area of 10 million acres, stretching from Montana into Canada along the Continental Divide.The deal's aim is to protect "fragmentation zones"...big swaths of wilderness in danger of being isolated by surrounding development. Big "ups" to Tembec for realizing that doing good can be good for the company. On the surface, the only thing Tembec gets out of this is the possibility of a tax break, but mainly the chance to be recognized as an environmentally friendly and aware company.
On the PR front, it's a little odd that the only news on this from the Nature Conservancy is on TNC Canada's website. Nothing from the main TNC website. Missed opportunity, gang.
While reading the above coverage in the Missoulian, I found this link to Good daily coverage of what's going on in the Rocky Mountain region. Check out this series on a sustainable approach to life in the West. It's by Courtney White of the Quivera Coalition. The coalition is dedicated to promoting sustainable farming and ranching in the West. I love the invitation to join the Radical Center. Read the manifesto. They're really onto something here.
Finally, thanks to Dave Greene at Baysense for the notice and nice words. Dave's been spending a lot of time reformatting, and it really looks good.


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