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I never would have predicted this one

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Astros Win!

Forgive the aside, but I'm still in shock. I've been a Houston Astros' fan since I was nine. I went to games in the dome, even the last game. My wife and I even had season tickets at Enron (yes you can boo) field. Our seats were in the outfield Crawford boxes, about five rows from where Chris Burke's homerun in the 18th inning landed today. I still can not believe they actually won. From the Phillies in '80, to the Mets in '86, to a series of Braves' teams, the Astros have always managed to break my heart. They probably still will. But today.... oh, my. What a game!


Blogger Tom Andersen said...

Game 6 against the Mets in '86 is an indelible memory, and for us Mets fans a good one (one of the few, I might add). We NYers think that with Pettitte and Clemens, you've got a pretty good shot this year.

Did I hear Joe Buck correctly last night when he said the the 9th inning home run AND the 18th inning home run were caught by the same fan?

12:32 PM  
Blogger Pat Burns said...

Oh man, that game six just broke my heart. I can still see Billy Hatcher's home run bouncing off the Dome wall. Yes, the same guy caught both balls, and he gave them back to the team. Now that's a fan!

6:25 AM  

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