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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Accreditation Plan

The Land Trust Alliance governing board has approved a new accreditation program after much discussion, and just in time for the LTA's annual rally in Madison, WI next month. The press release announcing the news has some details of the plan.
"Accreditation will require land trusts to adopt Land Trust Standards and Practices, the ethical and technical guidelines for the responsible operation of a land trusts. The accreditation process will use 42 of these practices as indicators for independent verification of a land trust's ability to operate in a sound ethical, legal and technical manner.".....
The accreditation program will be managed by a commission of land trust professionals incorporated as a subsidiary of LTA with independent decision- making authority. The commission will be responsible for the ensuring the
highest level of accountability for the accreditation program and operating a system that is fair, consistent and effective.
The accreditation commission will be incorporated and the first commissioners appointed in February 2006. The commission will design the accreditation review process and procedures in 2006, test these with an initial round of applications in 2007, and be fully operational by 2008.
The design of the accreditation program is based on an extensive year-long public involvement process. Over one thousand comments from the land trust community were received during the course of the program's design and led to
the development of a fair, accessible and credible process. Eighty percent of the nation's land trusts plan to participate in the program and seek accreditation, according to market research conducted this past summer.
LTA is working to make accreditation affordable to all qualified land trusts. With the help of its funders, LTA will provide the financial support to develop the accreditation program and subsidize some of the program's costs in initial years. Applicant fees will be kept affordable, while creating a program that can be financially self-supporting over time.

More details are available over on the LTA's website.


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