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I never would have predicted this one

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Let's Head North

Here at Nature Noted World Headquarters we're watching Hurricane Rita as it churns through the Gulf. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the winds don't push that tree resting on top of the barn at Dad's house all the way to the ground, but most of all, we're watching to make sure that Mrs. Nature Noted's family in Texas stays out of harms' way. That's right, we're two for two on Hurricane hits. It's been such a great month.
But... one of the nice things about this little blog is meeting interesting people from all over the world. Such as the comment from Clare Kines... turns out when you click on his link, he's writing a blog about building a house above the Arctic Circle! Clare's a retired Mountie and writes from a true Northern perspective. Check him out at The House and other Arctic Musings. The Arctic sounds like a fine place to be about right now.....


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