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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Virtual Center

When I first read about The Nature Conservancy's announcement that it was going to use a $12 million dollar gift from Caterpillar to start the Great Rivers Center for Conservation and Learning, I pictured a physical building on the banks of a great river, like oh say, on the Mississippi in Memphis. The mental model I had was the Natural Capital Center in Portland. How 20th century of me. This center will be more of the virtual kind. Genie Lester of TNC was kind enough to explain it....

"To answer your question as to a location for the Great River Center, the center will function over the internet. Those that direct the center and those that access its data base will do so from anywhere in the world. Information will be received and sent via the internet. The director is located in WI. Input will be sought from large-river experts around the world on questions related to the Great Rivers Partnership and Center."

Ah, that probably is a bit more cost effective. But it's too bad, there are some very cool old buildings right on the bluffs of the Mississippi that would love to be back at the center of the great rivers. Genie, thanks for the fast response.

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