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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Big enough for Black Helicopters

There's plenty of good news about progress by land trusts around the country today. There's news of this large donation in Iowa that not only includes 5,000 acres of land, but also starts its own conservancy. There's excitement in a small town in New Hampshire, where the Trust for Public land and the Federal government are teaming up to preserve 340 acres slated for development.
But the one article that sticks in my head is this odd one from The Magic City Morning Star about The Nature Conservancy. The opinion piece comes from an online newspaper that gets its articles from volunteer writers. The writer, Marion Campbell is, to put it mildly, not a big fan of TNC. Here's an excerpt.

"Since their first success in Virginia, TNC has always worked quietly behind the scenes, while politicians and land-use bureaus, both federal and state, become their front men. In every community targeted for land acquisition or economic destruction, a TNC operative moves in. They are well-educated and charming, and their job is to seek out the weaknesses that they can exploit. They become close to the people in the community, join their clubs, and volunteer in social programs -- all the while making their plans to betray the people's trust. When the land is acquired through sale, coercion, or condemnation, they leave. Behind them, they leave economic ruin, desolation, and human despair.

The Nature Conservancy and other "Wildlands Project" activists are using the United Nations and other socialist leaning nations to manipulate the entire human population that will be forced to evacuate their homes and live in small, confined colonies while animals run free.

Okay, TNC folks you've officially hit the big time. You're part of the cabal (I think Queen Elizabeth and the Trilateral commission are in on it too) running the world, with a goal of total domination. Next we'll hear you're hatched from pods. And you thought you were just protecting the environment.
The serious message in this is that as trusts like TNC get bigger, they become bigger targets. Suspicions mount, rumors spread and an opposition begins.
How do you stop from becoming the next big bogeyman? By remembering the second part of your name, land TRUSTS. Trust is earned by listening, by playing fair, by being transparent, and by staying on the side of the angels, not necessarily the side of the biggest donor. Now keep doing good work and spreading the word about it. The job is only going to get harder.


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