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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Cabin of your own

Here's a great deal, but you better hurry. How's this sound. Two acres on the Penobscot river in Maine. A cabin of your own. And it's only $35,000! The Orono Land Trust is selling the cabin after finding it doesn't need it now. The cabin has one room, an outhouse, and has "recently been rechinked". The trust is hoping a conservation minded person will buy. There's an open house scheduled because so many people have expressed interest.
Also, I blogged about the fundraising requirements for Nature Conservancy chapters yesterday. Gifts like this one make the job easier.
Finally, last week I blogged about the unusual competition between the Eagle Valley Land Trust and a new trust set up by Eagle County, Colorado. Check out this glowing article on the private non-profit.


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