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I never would have predicted this one

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Elvis lives

Those doubting Thomases who questioned the existence of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker are now eating, their words. As is being widely reported audiotapes of the bird's distinctive cry have won over the skeptics. And it looks like Elvis has a Priscilla out there with him.
"“The bird that we saw had to have a mommy and a daddy,” said Scott Simon, director of the Nature Conservancy in Arkansas. “We have solid evidence for one. We believe there are more."
And to stretch the Presley metaphor even more (it is almost death week, you know), the next step is to make sure that Graceland stays in good shape.
Farmers in the three county area around Brinkley, Arkansas are being asked to attend a meeting tonight on financial incentives (read conservation easements) to preserve the habitat around the Big Woods.
Up to 6,200 acres of private land is wanted to establish a Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program near where the rare woodpecker was spotted. Conservationists say having the farmer's cooperation would preserve the bird's habitat in the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge. The meeting is planned for Tuesday at 6:30 at the Brinkley Convention Center.
Let's keep Elvis out of Heartbreak Hotel. Thank you very much.


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