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Friday, July 29, 2005

Scouting the Sierras

A couple of items of note from the western horizon....
California officials may be close to deciding on a home for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. At least the folks in Auburn, CA hope so. The Auburn Journal reports the headquarters of the conservancy, and the jobs that come with it, may be headed there. The conservancy board wants a location below the snowline.
The new focus may push cities with snowfall, such as Truckee, out of the running. But Colfax, Placerville and Nevada City, three heavy contenders, are still hoping to capture the headquarters.
The conservancy is currently holding a series of six sub-regional meetings. Meetings have been held in Bishop and Susanville, while a third is scheduled for today in Sonora.
Three other meetings will be held at as-yet-undetermined sites. One is scheduled for Sept. 15 in the central region, which includes Placer County.
Crawford Tuttle, deputy secretary for external affairs for the California Resources Agency, said the selection of a headquarters would likely not be made until an executive officer is chosen. That will be the subject of a September board meeting.

Conservation fund started
A fund has been started to honor the memory of one of the driving forces behind the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. The fund honors Dennis Machida, who was executive officer of the California Tahoe Conservancy. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports..
Machida's widow, Kathie Wong, said they hope to fund projects which need small grants in the range of $500 to $2,000.
They are particularly interested in projects that take advantage of existing community resources and volunteer efforts, as well as environmental education projects.
They will consider proposals from both individuals and groups and from within or outside the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Machida had been the executive officer of the conservancy since 1985. He suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 58 while attending a climate research conference in Montana.


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