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I never would have predicted this one

Monday, July 11, 2005

Conservation by Invitation

The White House is having a national conference on conservation.... but it's an invitation only affair. The White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation will be held in St. Louis on August 29, 30 & 31st. It's a shame it's not open to a wider audience, because the agenda looks interesting. Participants will look at case studies ranging from urban efforts to rural. Even if you are not an invited participant, you can add a case study that could be added to the agenda. Go to Cooperative Conservation America. The stated reason for the conference is a Presidential Executive Order which directs Federal agencies that oversee environmental and natural resource policies and programs to promote cooperative conservation in full partnership". There's no indication on who has been invited, but the exhibitor's page promises that this historically significant conference offers exhibitors an opportunity to engage with key decision makers in organizations throughout the country. Designed as an invitation only conference to bring together the leaders in environmental conservation policy, this conference is sure to bring value to both the attendees and exhibitors. Since 1908 this is only the fourth time in America’s history that the White House has held an environmental conference. Conference attendees will be making suggestions for the advancement of cooperative conservation. Sounds like quite the deal.


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