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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Positive reception

So far the early reviews on the Cascade Agenda seem to be pretty positive... at least from the newspapers. The Seattle Times says that the sheer audacity of the project could be a predictor of its success. And a $7 billion plan to layout a green future for the entire Puget sound region does qualify as audacious. And the Times also suggests that this could be the largest environmental project that is informed by the entire "death of environmentalism" debate.
"Overall, the approach fits the temperament of the times. A certain fatigue has set in with aggressive styles of green activism. As the Cascade Agenda was readied for release, The Economist, the British news journal, called for "informed, innovative, incentive-based greenery" to move ahead. Editors appeared to be looking over Duvernoy's shoulder.
This agenda is grounded in paying people for their land, sustaining jobs and revenue in the resource-based economy, and balancing restriction with opportunity.
The vision is careful not to conflict with the state Growth Management Act. The goal — and the genius — is to plan well beyond current urban-growth boundaries.
This agenda needs to be explained and understood before it will be embraced, but embraced it will be.

I've heard of post-modernism.... could this be the environmental version of Life after "death"? Post-enviro?


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