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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Porcine Protector

Do pigs deserve due process? That's the crux of a lawsuit filed against The Nature Conservancy and the National Park Service. As noted here previously, TNC and the park service have hired hunters to shoot the wild pigs on Santa Cruz Island off California. The pigs were introduced by settlers in the 1800's, and have done what pigs on their own will do, run wild. They are threatening the tiny Santa Cruz fox, which is only found on the island. The suit was filed by Richard M. Feldman. His suit claims ""Having no natural defenses and having lived peacefully on the island for now 155 years, the Santa Cruz Island pigs are simply running for their lives and deserve nothing but to be left alone,"
The AP story in the Washington Post says The Nature Conservancy didn't return calls seeking comment.


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