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Thursday, February 03, 2005

In Other News

One of the first rules of producing TV newscasts is to figure out your lead story, and the rest of the newscast will fall into place. On those days when you don't have a clear lead, you try to go with what is interesting. Some nights you just go with what you have. We call that leading with the "B" block. So in that vein,"Good Evening, Welcome to the B block."
Actually, there's plenty of stuff going on. I hear rumblings that land trust leaders have been on conference calls about the tax bill, but no details have been forthcoming. If anyone who knows anything wants to drop a line, I'm all ears. Also one of the landtrust listservs has been in a really good debate over the obligation to pay property taxes on conserved lands and the need for public access. But frankly, I'm not sure about the rules (if they exist) on reporting debates in listservs, so I think I'll just keep it general for a while.
As Jon at the The Uneasy Chair points out, easement deductions may have a shaky future, but the sale of easements won't go away. A good example is the negotiation going on right now between two trusts,the Vermont Land Trust and the Preservation Trust of Vermont, with Southern Vermont College. The $175,000 deal would buy the conservation rights to 220 acres of forest land owned by the college on the side of Mt. Anthony. The college gets cash, and the public gets access to the mountain. It all hinges on the trusts securing financing.
And under comings and goings, Michael A. Fuhr has been named state director of the Oklahoma chapter of The Nature Conservancy. Being an native Okie, I'm always happy to hear of news coming from the Motherland. Go Pokes.


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