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Thursday, January 27, 2005

From the Country to the City

The Malpai Borderlands Group was the subject of a good story on NPR's Morning Edition today. The story (media player required) highlights the pioneering partnership between ranchers and conservation groups like The Nature Conservancy in the borderlands of southern Arizona and New Mexico. A big part of the story is a discussion of the "radical center" that we've talked about in connection with groups like the Quivira Coalition. The lessons learned from Malpai are being spread across the country, including the concept of grass banks. Whenever writing about this attempt to find common ground, I'm always reminded of the song from "Oklahoma" about ranchers and the farmers being friends, only this time we're singing about the ranchers and enviros.
Speaking of NPR, while listening on the way into work this morning, I heard an 'underwritten" (don't call 'em ads) traffic report by the Nature Conservancy of Tennessee. It's a great way to build name recognition at a low cost. You can do the same thing with country radio in rural areas. Pay for a short sponsorship of weather, or the ag report. You don't need a :30 second ad, and repeated exposure will quickly build name recognition.
Finally, the Christian Science Monitor highlights a plan to build a ring of parks and green space around central Atlanta. The Trust for Public Land is one of the leaders in the effort. The parks will fill in brownfields, while building a park ring between the city and the suburbs. One added benefit.... all that new green will lower summer temperatures in the city. Soon the nickname may no longer be Hotlanta. Coolanta, anyone?


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