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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. This has been one of those trying years, but despite the bad there has been so much more to be thankful for. Happy wishes to you and yours.
-Pat, Robin and Abigail

Family addendum--
To get an idea of the trying time, check out MSNBC.Com. That's my Aunt Betty and Uncle Pete Benevenutti, as the work crews tear down half of their house. That house has many of my fondest holiday memories. As kids we always ended up in "the Bay" for either Thanksgiving or Christmas or both. I still remember one Thanksgiving in the early '70's. There are 8 Benvenuttis and assorted Benvenutti friends, most of them older (I was still sitting at the little kids table). Everyone is in full late '60's hair... long and shaggy. One of the cousins came upon this guy from South America who was bicycling through the U.S. and invites him to dinner. If you read the MSNBC story, you'll see the back room that's still standing. That's where we had the dinner. Room filled with loud talking people. It was a riot (a very fun one.) I still remember the family portrait from that year. A bunch of wild haired, hippie looking people all having a great time. And one wild haired, hippie looking guy from South America, wondering if this was what all of America looked like on Thanksgiving. What a great house.


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