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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Healthy Forests

Here's another perspective on the Sustainable Forestry controversy. It comes from New West . New West is a new regional website that focuses on the Rockies, and uses both staff and "citizen journalists" as reporters (read unpaid). The site has had some fascinating stories. A recent series on Meth and prostitution just begs to be turned into a book or an episode of Law and Order (if the show adds a western locale). This particular story focuses on an on the ground look at the "Healthy Forests" initiative by the Forest Service.
Note to New West... I like the citizen journalist concept, but would feel better about it if you included a little more about the author. In this case, the author is just identified as "Matthew". Is that his real name? A little on his background could help the reader understand if there are any 'hidden axes to grind" that might be helpful in the reading. Just a suggestion.


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