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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Wedding at Emiquon

The partnership between The Nature Conservancy and the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service was made official Monday. The first test case is Emiquon on the Illinois River. And as in every new marriage, there were plenty of speeches and plans for the future.
This day, I would characterize as back to the future," said U.S. Rep. Ray LaHood, R-Peoria, of efforts to restore Emiquon to its former condition. LaHood was one of the dignitaries to speak at the ceremony. Bruce Knight, chief of the National Resources Conservation Service, said the agreement creates a framework for other states to follow in setting up government-private partnerships. The conservancy and the conservation service must now work together on management decisions, including whether to reconnect Emiquon to the Illinois River. Historically, the river flowed through Thompson and Flag Lakes at certain times of year, and the conservancy wants to establish a "managed connection" that will let in fish and other organisms that move between the main channel and backwater areas to complete their life cycles. Critics have said connecting the river will just let in sediment, pollution and exotic species like Asian carp. Full coverage here and here. And just like in the movies, there's always someone who doesn't think the two should get together. The headline tells it all TNC and NRSC Join Forces – Bad News for Constitutional Rights.


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What do any of the previous comments have to do with the "marriage" between The Nature Conservancy and the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service or with the joining of Emiquon to the Illinois River?

11:43 AM  

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